Data and Statistics

A national CDC survey indicated that 33% of high school students where in at least in 1 fight over a 12 month period at school.

42 % of today’s youth have been bulled while on line with 1 in 4 being verbally attacked more than once.

The American Justice Department bulling statics show that 1 out of every4 children will be bulled sometime throughout their adolescence.

Cyber bulling is on the rise, via chat rooms, social networking,, etc.

2.7 million Students are being bulled. 2.1 are taking on the role. 30% of this youth are in grades 6-10.

In 30 days preceding the CDC survey 17% of high school students reported that they carried a weapon at least once. The weapon was a gun, knife or club.

Health care cost increased in communities were teen violence was high.

Funeral expense and medical cost rose signfically.

Property value is impacted by teen violence.

Teen violence is the leading cause of death among African Americans.

These and many other harsh facts is the reason there’s a call to action.

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