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Video Highlights from "A Call To Peace" Concert in Charlotte

Diggy performance (Source)

Trevor Jackson Performance (Source

Jacob Latimore Performance (Source)

Popular Music Superstar Daniel "Diggy" Simmons To Headline "A Call To Peace" Concert in Charlotte!

We're pleased to announce that popular music superstar Daniel "Diggy" Simmons will be officially headlining at our Call to Peace Tour in Charlotte, NC!! 

This young superstar’s story began seven years ago in the limelight of his legendary relatives, co-starring on his family’s hit reality TV show “Run’s House.” Once Diggy uploaded a jaw-dropping freestyle and accompanying video (directed by Phil The God) over Nas’ “Made You Look” instrumental in 2009 (“Flow Stoopid”), his family tree quickly became a mere backdrop. Then came his three stellar mixtapes––2009’s The First Flight (over 100,000 downloads), 2010’s Airborne (it’s “Great Expectations” track was tapped for an AT&T television commercial) and Past Presents and Future (executive produced by DJ Premier)––and the Internet world anointed him next. Now Diggy has arrived and the unexpectedness is rapidly subsiding. The wattage of his self-made star power has his position in the rap game making perfect sense. “Now, when you think of Diggy, you don’t automatically think of Rev. Run & ‘Run’s House,’ you think of a rising hip-hop superstar.” [Read More About Diggy]

Charlotte: A Call To Peace Concert starring Diggy Simmons, featuring OMG Girlz, Jacob Latimore, Trevor Jackson and more!

In the last two weeks there have been over 42 shootings in Chicago IL, and last week three women who had been held captive for over a decade and suffered abuse, were rescue from their capture in Cleveland Ohio.

In the USA Today Monday May 13, 2013 edition of the newspaper, the caption on the second page read:”Mother’s Day shooting wounded 19 people, 2 of which were children.”  The FBI said the shooting appeared to be “street violence”. On the very same page listed under state news was a story about the 37 hour standoff with an armed man inside a Trenton, New Jersey home that ended in the death of the 38 year old man, after he took the life of a 44 year old woman and her four year old child. It was reported that he had abused the remaining 4 children of which he was holding hostage at gun point. When law enforcement entered the home to rescue the remaining children, they found the body of the mother and her child in an advanced state of decomposition. Last month the world would sit and watch as cities and communities would be polarized by the senseless on going violence against women and youth around the country. And yet with all that, someone would echo in a public comment it was a good day, compared to what normally happens around here. Women and children across the country are victims suffering from hunger, homelessness, abuse, drugs, bullying and cyber bullying. Violence is killing children wholesale. Never before has there been a need for so much intervention and counseling. Just Google bullying and youth violence and you’ll find what looks like a yellow page directory.

On June 22, 2013, Women Working 2gether LLC will host what they hope will produce a five city tour around the country in A Call to Peace concert.  The objective is to encourage youth to take an oath by signing a pledge to become peace makers and peace ambassadors in their communities and schools. The promoters have secured Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore ,OMG Girlz, Trevor Jackson, Chapter 47 and several other artists and guest celebrities to be a part of this historical concert and National initiative that will begin the positive dialogue needed to put an end to violence. We are calling on some of the top artists in the industry to join us in promoting this worthy cause. A call to peace is not about who calls it, but about how we respond to the call. Think about all the great leaders who have call us to organize and how it helped us to revitalize our communities, the greatest being The Million Man March in 1995. Our communities, our schools, our women, families and the youth deserve to have a right to life without the fear of feeling like there’s no hope for the future.

Charlotte is where it all begins. Help us to show the world how we came together in unity to rally around A Call to Peace.  I was just sharing with an associate last evening that we had asked the Mayor’s office and the County Commissioner to present us with a proclamation recognizing the young artists that supported this event. Imagine the impact of young fans witnessing there favorite artist being recognized by the powers to be from the City of Charlotte, North Carolina. Just yesterday we were granted that request, now we just have to make sure that we get the word out. 

Please commit yourselves to come out and support us on Saturday June 22, 2013 at Carowinds theme park to raise awareness around ending abuse, bullying and violence. This important cause transcends all economic, social and racial backgrounds. Everyone is a victim!